Her father, Jackie Shroff has been a veteran in Hindi cinema, known for his cool factor. Her brother, Tiger is the best action star of his generation. But Krishna Shroff was sure about what she wanted to do in her life, and not just follow in their footsteps.

Fitness and managing her MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) league are her life’s passions. People today praise her for her fit body, but what pushed Krishna into this sphere in the first place?

As we spend a day with her in the gym for a training session on her trip to Delhi, she tells us everything. “I stepped foot inside a gym for the first time at the age of 23, five and a half years ago. I was actually going through a really bad break up at that time, and since it’s your first love, or so you think… that one hits the hardest. It’s a huge learning experience. I got lost in that and forgot to prioritise myself. Once that ended, I decided to transform and I found fitness,” she says.