Lagaan actor Yashpal Sharma was ready to play Lakha for 20,000 but got paid 2 lakh instead

  • Yashpal Sharma, who played Lakha in Lagaan, opened up about his audition for the Aamir Khan movie and his remuneration for the movie.
  • This year, Aamir Khan’s cricket-themed movie Lagaan will complete 20 years of its release. The Ashutosh Gowariker directorial movie starred many actors, one of which was Yashpal Sharma. The actor, who essayed the role of Lakha, recently revealed that he was ready to be a part of the Aamir Khan movie at a bare minimum pay owing to no work.

    Speaking with, Yashpal Sharma revealed that after he auditioned for Ashutosh Gowariker and was selected, he was asked to meet Amir Khan’s then-wife Reena Dutta, who was the producer of Lagaan, to discuss his remuneration.

    “I thought I’ll demand 1 lakh since it’s a big production. Then I thought what if they refuse and sign someone else. I came down to 80,000 rupees in my head. Ultimately I thought I’ll lock it at 50,000. Also because I had no work, I knew I would’ve still done it in 20,000. Finally, when I met Reena Dutta, she told me their budget was limited and they were paying 1.5 lakh to every actor. I just blabbered that I wanted 2 lakh at least, and she agreed. I was shocked and also happy that I got double than what I expected,” Yashpal said.