Madhuri Dixit showed off her dance moves to the popular song ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja’ in an Instagram Reel.

However, fans have criticised the actress and dancer for joining in on a viral trend.

The song went viral after Pakistani TikToker Ayesha danced to the track.

It soon saw a number of celebrities recreate the dance moves.

Madhuri Dixit has now danced to the track and being the creative performer, she added her own twist.

In the video, the actress is seen in the adorned ivory saree designed by Falguni Shane Peacock.

She recreated the dance moves whilst showcasing her charm.

However, fans had mixed reactions to her performance.

Some said she looked amazing, while others on Instagram believed she shouldn’t be repeating viral trends.

One person commented: “You are a real dancer. What in the world are you doing?”

A third said: “Unbelievable… She is copying nonsense steps even after being such a good and reaching dancer… Didn’t expect this from Madhuri.”

A comment read: “You don’t copy that girl, her steps are useless and you are a talented dancer, where is she, you should have done it in your style.”

Others believed the trend had gone on for too long.

One said: “Now this trend is becoming irritating.”

A user wrote: “Oh no, not this trend.”


The actress, who is quite active on social media, frequently attracts attention with her stunning dancing videos.

According to Madhuri Dixit, “life is better when you dance”.

In the past, she has posted a video of herself and director Karan Johar “vibing” to a popular trend.

The pair begins by clapping along to the music’s rhythms before beginning to head-bang to the drum beats.