Mahira Khan caused a stir with her bold outfit choice at an international event.

She wore a black sleeveless dress that clung to her figure, revealing her cleavage.

It resulted in a mix of praise and criticism from fans and critics alike. Known for her beauty and talent, Mahira Khan is no stranger to the limelight.

However, her decision to rock the revealing outfit at the event raised some eyebrows and sparked a debate.

Some fans expressed disappointment as they thought the style did not suit Mahira.

They preferred their favourite celebrity to have a more conservative look, keeping cultural and religious values in mind.

On the other hand, this was a big opportunity for critics to put her down. Some have openly shamed her for this change in fashion sense.

Others took the chance to discuss the influence of Western fashion in a more conservative setting like Saudi Arabia.

One person commented: “She should be ashamed of herself. She is representing Pakistan.”

Another wrote: “She was my inspiration but not anymore.”

One said: “I can’t believe she would go to this length to fit in.”

Another commented: “She used to dress so gracefully, I’m disappointed.”

Mahira Khan receives Backlash over revealing Outfit

Many other comments highlighted people’s concerns about Mahira representing Pakistan. They claimed that Pakistani celebrities forget they are Muslims from Pakistan.

Mahira Khan, known for her grace and elegance, has been a fashion icon for many.

However, this recent controversy has sparked a larger conversation about the influence of Western fashion in conservative societies.

Critics are arguing that Mahira Khan’s decision to wear a sleeveless ensemble is a disregard for cultural values and traditions.

They believe that as a public figure, she should be more mindful of the influence she has on her fans.

Many young girls look up to her.

Netizens claim that her wearing a sleeveless outfit sends the wrong message and promotes immodesty, undermining their cultural fabric.

As fans and critics continue to share their thoughts, there has been no response to the criticism from Mahira’s end.

Many are curious to see how this incident will impact Mahira’s future fashion decisions.

Will she choose to play it safe and conform to societal expectations?

Or will she continue to push boundaries and express herself through her unique style?