Imran Khan, aged 42, of Bradford, was jailed for two years and three months after he threatened to burn down his ex-wife’s home.

The threats came while committing six breaches of the restraining order made to protect her.

Tayo Dasaolu, prosecuting, said Khan had been married to the woman for almost 20 years. But their relationship broke down.

Khan moved out but kept coming back to the address, demanding his belongings and electrical items, threatening to break the windows and burn down the house.

He threw a stone at a window, hung around the property in his car, made anonymous phone calls and stole the house key.

Miss Dasaolu explained that the victim was so scared that she asked the police to install a panic alarm at her home.

She had not made a victim impact statement, however, it was evident from her statements to the police that she was afraid of Khan.

Khan was convicted by Bradford and Keighley magistrates of two breaches of the restraining order.

He pleaded guilty to a further four on the day of his trial.

Khan’s barrister, Preet-Paul Tutt, said all the incidents were of relatively short duration

He had no other convictions and had been a hardworking man. Khan had left school at 16 and held down jobs as a warehouse operative, a delivery driver, a warehouse supervisor and a cleaner with a coach company.

Mr Tutt said his client was a law-abiding citizen until his problems began when he was made redundant and became “bitter, frustrated and desperate”.

Mr Tutt said Khan was very remorseful and realised the distress he had caused his ex-wife.

At Bradford Crown Court, Recorder Jason Pitter QC said they were “very serious and significant breaches” because of the sheer number of them and the impact they had on the victim.

Khan was sentenced on a video link to HMP Leeds where he had been held in custody on remand since May 2021. The court heard that was the equivalent of serving a 20-month prison sentence.

His time in prison was made more difficult because it was during the coronavirus pandemic when a lockdown was in place.

Khan was sentenced to two years and three months in prison.

Recorder Pitter said the restraining order was still in force.