Asim Hasan, aged 33, of London, was convicted of murdering his wife after he stabbed her 26 times.

He stabbed Ayesha Hasan after she refused to let him take another spouse.

On May 19, 2022, Hasan dialled 999 from his home in Burrard Road to say that he had stabbed his wife. Meanwhile, their two children were waiting to be taken to school.

Joel Smith, prosecuting, said: He said he was in the kitchen and the two children were in the house but unhurt.

“He veered between calmly reporting his conduct to police and screaming and crying.

“Police and an ambulance were sent to the scene and arrived 14 minutes later. What they found was shocking.

“Ayesha Hasan was lying unconscious in a pool of her own blood in the kitchen.

“She had plainly been stabbed not one but many, many times. Officers did their best to save her life, but their attempts were in vain and she died at the scene. She was only 32 years old.

“The defendant was immediately arrested with blood stains on his hands.

“All the while their young children were at the address waiting to be taken to school. The bloodstained kitchen knife this defendant used to kill his partner was found on the cooker by her body.