Meera is often involved in controversies, leading her to acquire the title of Pakistan’s “controversy queen”.

Over the years, she has encountered numerous adverse remarks and online trolling on social media platforms.

In a recent episode of Sahiba Rambo’s podcast, Meera expressed her perspective on coping with these hurtful comments.

The actress, known for her bold and outspoken nature, acknowledged that it is impossible to please everyone.

She expressed how she has learned to cope with the harsh criticism she often faces on social media.



Meera revealed that she is no stranger to receiving hurtful and derogatory remarks online.

Additionally, the continuous teasing about her English accent and the way she communicates made her question her own skills and values.

Moreover, the pleasure people find in mocking her worsened her confidence.

However, she has developed resilience over time and has found ways to distance herself from the negativity.

One of her strategies involves surrounding herself with people who are not heavily involved in the social media sphere.

She claims doing this allows her to maintain a healthy distance from online criticism.

She said: “I don’t watch TV, newspaper and even I do not follow social media. Mostly I live out of the country (Pakistan).

“The majority of my friends do not belong to this country, they are foreign. So, we don’t discuss all that stuff relating to TV, films and dramas.”

Meera emphasised that while it can be disheartening to encounter such negativity, she has become accustomed to it.

Many people also appreciated her honesty and left positive comments after the podcast.

One said: “Thanks for inviting her. I feel she is the most innocent person on earth!

“She has been degraded and disrespected by other fellows of her own showbiz industry.”

Another wrote: “I think people should understand her instead of making fun of her.”

One commented: “People trolled her so much that she is now so silent and reserved.

“You can see her thinking so much before speaking! We should never play with someone’s mental health.”

Meera’s years of experience in the entertainment industry have taught her to focus on her work and personal growth.

She believes that by focusing on one’s own mental and emotional health, individuals can develop a strong sense of self and inner peace.

She encourages her audience to do the same, recognising that their self-worth should not be determined by harmful remarks from others.