Mia Khalifa wowed her fans on Instagram as she wore a sexy satin dress and performed some equally alluring dance moves whilst on holiday.

The former adult film star has spent most of 2022 travelling, visiting the likes of Ibiza, Paris and London among others.

She is now in Marrakech, Morocco, staying at the luxury Amanjena resort.

On Instagram, Mia treated her fans to a candid, yet sensual dance performance.

In her hotel room, Mia slipped into a satin blue and pink dress from Agent Provocateur which put her ample curves on full display.

She paired it with a matching robe.

Mia Khalifa dances to 'Body Paint' with alluring Sexy Moves

To the backdrop of ‘Body Paint’ by Arctic Monkeys, Mia lip-synced and leaned into the camera, flaunting her cleavage.

Whilst shaking her hips, she cheekily lifted up the dress while her robe draped down one shoulder.

Mia then turned her back to the camera, continuing to shake her hips.

Mia was clearly having fun, putting maximum effort into her dance moves.

The provocative moves continued as Mia began twerking whilst pouting for the camera. Meanwhile, her robe slipped further down.

Mia upped the hotness quota as she then took off the robe and threw it to one side, continuing to groove to the track.

As the music intensified for the chorus, Mia resumed twerking before laughing and ending the video.

Mia Khalifa dances to 'Body Paint' with alluring Sexy Moves 3

Mia Khalifa also posted a series of pictures, showcasing the bold dress.

She wore purple heels and a whole host of jewellery, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and an anklet.

All eyes were on her outfit as Mia chose to go for almost no makeup.

She completed her look with a pair of pink retro sunglasses.


Judging by her candid dance, it was evident that Mia was in a dancing mood as she captioned her post:

“Can we please be absolutely sure that there’s a mirrorball for me?”

Her post received over 1.2 million likes and many fans took to the comments section to express their love for Mia’s outfit and dancing.

One user said: “What a very beautiful woman, her beauty is breathtaking.”

Another commented: “Beautiful beauty.”

A third wrote: “Gorgeous lady.”

A comment read: “Bringing spring back.”

Mia Khalifa dances to 'Body Paint' with alluring Sexy Moves 2

Other users posted fire and love heart emojis.

Since quitting the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa has become an influencer but she is not afraid to speak her mind.