Mia Khalifa threatened to “literally kill” people after she was left disgusted by a ‘squirt’ discovery.

Her sweary post on X was over the use of squeeze bottles containing olive oil.

Often seen in US takeaways, people have been divided over the matter, given that olive oil is typically housed in glass bottles.

Firmly against the idea, Mia threatened those who used squeeze bottles for their olive oil.

Mia fumed at the kitchen faux pas and tweeted:

“Olive oil in a squirt bottle? What the f**k are you talking about I’m from the Mediterranean I will literally kill you.”

Surprisingly, many agreed with Mia’s outrage, with one writing:

“Americans ruin everything.”

Another considered olive oil in squeeze bottles a form of “blasphemy”.

However, others felt Mia was being dramatic.

One said: “Wow, crazy things people will say.”

Another user commented: “Whoa, Mia! We didn’t mean to step on any Mediterranean toes.

“Olive oil in a squeeze bottle can just make cooking a bit easier, no violence necessary!”

A third added: “Please calm down. Different regions have varied culinary practices.”

Although Mia’s outrage was down to her Mediterranean roots, one response from a Portuguese man shared the fury.

He wrote:

“What??!! I’m from Portugal, where we make the finest olive oil. For God’s sake, who put olive oil on a squirt bottle??!!”

Mia Khalifa has given her thoughts on various foodstuffs in the past, including the iconic English breakfast.

On a trip to London in 2022, she was seen enjoying a massive plate.

Later revealing the one menu item she missed while back in the United States, Mia appeared fond of her full English experience.

She added: “I do miss the blood sausage though.”

Known for her outspoken nature, Mia Khalifa is not one to stay quiet on certain matters and she recently hit back at a troll for his jibe.

She took to social media to show off her curves in a very clingy green latex dress and coat.

Designed by Avellano, Mia stood on a balcony and displayed the bold outfit.

On X, one person who went by the name Milky Galaxy tweeted:

“Looking like a used condom.”

The tweet grabbed the former adult film star’s attention and not one to stay quiet, Mia brutally fired back:

“Your mom should’ve left you in one.”

Some found the reply hilarious while others sided with the man.