On Monday, after filmmaker Sanjay Gupta accused the film industry of not supporting Shah Rukh Khan, singer Mika Singh agreed with him. On Twitter, Sanjay criticised Bollywood’s silence on Aryan Khan  arrest and called it ‘shameful’. Mika replied to Sanjay’s tweet and said, “You are absolutely right brother.”

Sanjay tweeted, “Shah Rukh Khan has and continues to give jobs and livelihoods to thousands in the film industry. He has always stood up for every cause for the film industry. And the astute silence of the same film industry in his moment of crisis is nothing short of SHAMEFUL.”

Quoting the tweet, Mika wrote, “You are absolutely right brother, they all are watching the drama and cannot say even a single word. I’m with @iamsrk. #AryanKhan should be given bail. I think industry mein sabke bache ek baar andar jaayenge, tab jaake yeh unity dikhayenge (I think only when all the star kids get arrested will the industry show some unity).”