In a disheartening incident that unfolded in Southampton, a mother and her son have been sentenced to prison for orchestrating an armed robbery to steal £8,000 from a friend’s wedding fund.

The money had been painstakingly collected by a group of women from the local Sikh community to fund a friend’s wedding.

The events transpired on September 15, 2023, when the women were engaged in the task of tallying the collected funds at a residence on Clovelly Road.

Abruptly, a menacing armed man forcibly entered the premises, creating an atmosphere of terror.

Brandishing his weapon, the intruder intimidated the women present and forcefully demanded the surrender of the £8,000.

Complying with the threat, the women relinquished the money, and the assailant promptly fled the scene.

The subsequent investigation by the authorities unveiled the identity of the armed robber as 22-year-old Jung Singh Lankanpal.

In a shocking revelation, it was disclosed that the getaway vehicle, a red Hyundai, was registered under the name of Lankanpal’s mother, Kalwant Kaur.

Astonishingly, Kaur was inside the property assisting in the counting of the funds when the raid occurred.

Promptly arrested on the same day as the offence, the mother-son duo faced charges of conspiring to commit burglary.

Subsequently, in October 2023, both Kaur and Lankanpal pleaded guilty to their involvement in the robbery, marking a distressing turn of events within the Southampton community.

Detective Constable Jess Swift, from the Western Area Crime Team, said:

“Kaur and Lankanpal made a cold and callous decision to steal such a large sum of money from people they knew, money which was meant to help people in their community.

“Despite Kaur trying to present herself as a witness to a crime, it was quickly established she had used her knowledge to help orchestrate this burglary.”

Kalwant Kaur, aged 41 and residing at Union Road, received a substantial prison sentence of 15 months as a consequence of her involvement in the criminal activity.

Jung Singh Lankanpal, of the same address, faced a more severe punishment, being sentenced to 30 months behind bars.

The judicial outcomes reflect the gravity of their roles in the conspiracy, with each individual receiving a proportionate duration of imprisonment based on the charges and evidence presented during the legal proceedings.

DC Swift added: “Through some very comprehensive enquiries, we have been able to ensure both pleaded guilty to these offences and will serve a jail sentence.

“I hope this provides the local community some reassurance and gives them some justice for what happened.”