Mumtaz voiced her disagreement regarding Zeenat Aman’s relationship advice.

In April 2024, Zeenat took to her Instagram profile to promote live-in relationships before marriage.

She wrote: “If you’re in a relationship, I strongly recommend that you live together before getting married!

“This is the same advice I’ve always given my sons, both of whom have had, or are in a live-in relationship.

“It just seems logical to me that before two people get their families and the government involved in their equation, they first put their relationship to the ultimate test.

“It’s easy to be the best version of yourself for a few hours a day.

“But can you share a bathroom? Weather the storm of a bad mood?

“Agree on what to eat for dinner every night? Keep the fire alive in the bedroom?

“Work through the million tiny conflicts that inevitably arise between two people in close proximity?

“In short – are you actually compatible?

“I’m aware that Indian society is a little uptight about ‘living in sin’, but then again, society is uptight about so many things!”

Mumtaz disagrees with Zeenat Aman's Live-In Relationship adviceMumtaz had some opposing opinions on Zeenat’s thoughts.

The Roti star said: “I don’t agree with Zeenat.

“What is the assurance that even after living-in together your marriage will be a success?

“I say, marriages shouldn’t happen at all.

“What is the need to tie yourself down in this day and age? Why marry? For children?

“Go out there, find the man who appeals to you, and get his baby without physical intimacy.

“The society has evolved. [Daughters] don’t need a man to be complete.

“I have been married for more than 40 years. Marriage needs maintenance. It is not easy.”

Mumtaz went on to urge Zeenat to be more careful about giving advice.

She continued: “Zeenat should be careful with what she is advising.

“She has all of a sudden come into this huge social media popularity, and I can understand her excitement about sounding like a cool aunty.

“But giving advice that is counter to our moral values is not the solution to increasing your following.

“If girls adopt the live-in culture, marriage as an institution will become obsolete.

“Tell me honestly, would you marry your son to a girl whom you know to have been in a live-in relationship?

“Take Zeenat for example. She knew Mazhar Khan for years before marrying him. Her marriage was a living hell.

“She should be the last person doling out advice on relationships.”

Zeenat Aman married Sanjay Khan in 1978. This relationship was annulled the following year.

She later married Mazhar Khan in 1985. They remained together until his death in 1998.

Meanwhile, Mumtaz was in an unsuccessful relationship with Shammi Kapoor in the 1960s.

She married Mayur Madhvani in 1974 and retired from the film industry shortly afterwards.