Whether it’s marijuana, cocaine, MDMA or laughing gas, any drug is prohibited in South Asian and British Asian communities.

Whilst substances like marijuana are in some ways ‘accepted’, cocaine is outlawed. But, that does not stop some Desi’s from trying it.

The only issue, with any narcotic, is addiction and especially cocaine which can bring massive side effects.

Rifat Mahmood*, a 22-year-old former solicitor shares his important story with the drug and how it impacted his life.

Raised in Nottingham in the East Midlands, cocaine is the most popular drug in this region.

Being from a Pakistani background, Rifat’s upbringing like many British Asians is about getting a good education and a stable job.

But, it was this path that eventually led Rifat into a life of drug addiction and abuse.

It’s important to get an insight into this in order for the culture to understand these stories and remove the stigma so more British Asians can feel safe to talk, especially those seeking help.