Nadia Hussain recently appeared on Frieha Altaf’s FWhy podcast where she discussed many things, from her personal to professional life.

When the discussion shifted to the fashion industry, Nadia admitted that a lot had changed.

She talked about social media’s dominance in being the primary tool to further careers.

She voiced her thoughts, claiming that now fashion is all about commercialism and selling brands on social media.

She said: “Open social media and there will be a model.



“Everybody and their sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers – everybody, in their description, is like, ‘I’m a model’.

“Not just influencers, but just saying that they’re models. You pick up a rock and there’s a model, you know?”

Nadia Hussain claimed that there is no criteria in modelling now. She highlighted the decline of print media as being one of the factors that led to this.

She said: “Fashion has become so accessible now to everybody.

“There was a time when print was king, now it is not. Now your own social media is king and your own content is king.

“There is no supermodel anymore. Everybody is just a model, there’s no supermodel… A supermodel is somebody who is known across the board.”

Her stance on the rise of social media models and influencers has been circulating on different platforms.

Many are labelling Nadia’s behaviour as “Elitist”.

One Instagram user commented: “Now that’s what I call a sense of entitlement.”

Another said: “Someone wants to stay relevant.”

One wrote:

“Ma’am is just mad that anyone can do her work now.”

Previously on Time Out with Ahsan Khan, she had made similar comments about the new faces in the modelling field.

Nadia Hussain lamented: “The best was that back then, 70 to 80 per cent of the models were from educated backgrounds. Everyone had a similar aspiration. That lot, it really was the best time.

“Afterwards, all kinds of girls became a part of the profession.

“The new models weren’t educated. They didn’t have a class or personality.”

She was called out by Instagram model Sarah Zulfiqar, who posted a story.

“I’m arguably one of the more ‘educated’ models out there, and I can’t even tell you how much complete and utter ignorance and pettiness I’ve seen displayed by people who are from supposedly ‘educated’ backgrounds.

“Talent is talent and maturity is maturity no matter where it comes from. Nadia’s statement is incredibly elitist and ignorant.”

In another story, Sarah wrote: “Her statements reek of insecurity and elitism… people who are confident in their own backgrounds and know their worth really don’t act like this.”