Nora Fatehi spoke out against feminism and claimed it has ruined Indian society.

On The Ranveer Show, Nora stated that “a lot of men have been brainwashed by the feminism era”.

She also said that women should be independent but only to a certain extent.

Discussing feminism, Nora said: “This idea of I don’t need anybody. Feminism.

“I don’t believe in this s***. In fact, I think, feminism f***** up our society completely.

“The idea of being inherently completely independent and not having to get married and have kids and not having the male and female dynamics at home where the man is the provider, a breadwinner and the woman is the nurturer.

“I don’t believe in people who think that’s not true.

“I think women are nurturers, yes, they should go to work and have their own life and be independent but to a certain extent.”

Speaking about the “right man”, Nora said:

“You have to be ready to be a provider, a supporter, ready to take a protective role in society.

“A lot of men don’t want to do it anymore. A lot of men now have also been brainwashed by the feminism era.

“If a man can work on being more of a provider, and protector, the women can then focus on being more of the nurturer.

“Everyone brings something to the table. If you are bringing to the table money, food, shelter, I need to bring to the table kids, being a mother, taking care of the house, cooking, etc.

“If we are bringing the same thing to the table, then who’s going to bring the other stuff?”

When the conversation turned to Bollywood couples, Nora Fatehi claimed that some couples pretend to be in love and stay together for relevancy.

She said: “Clout predators, they just want to use you for your fame.

“They can’t with me… that’s why you don’t see me running around with guys or dating but I see it is happening in front of me.

“In the film industry, people get married for clout. People use these wives or husbands for networking and for circles, for money, for relevance even.”

She also believed that they are destroying their lives for money and fame, adding:

“They need some backup plan – plan A, plan B and plan C.

“I don’t understand sacrificing your personal life, mental health and happiness because work is work, home life and personal life is something else.

“You can’t mix them both because then you will never be happy. And then you’ll wonder why you are depressed and suicidal.”