Nora Fatehi recalled her early days in the entertainment industry and revealed that she was told to date certain actors for publicity.

She explained: “I was constantly told, ‘Oh, you know, you should date specific people and date for PR and date this actor and that actor’.

“I never listened to any of that, and I’m so glad because now I make the rules, and I work on my own terms, and my success is not because of another guy next to me or another hero that I’m hanging on to.

“It’s on my own, and everyone else is just a plus. So I’m very proud of that.”

On the other things she did not listen to, Nora said:

“A lot of things I didn’t listen to and a lot of them are the reasons why I am who I am today.

“One was, don’t do songs.

“Another one is, don’t do reality shows.

“Another is, you know, I remember there was this one person who, after the success of ‘Dilbar’, I was saying, ‘Alright, now I want to also focus on opening up another market. I want to go international. Let’s do here, let’s do outside.

“And the response I got was, ‘Okay, no, focus on one thing, that’s it’

“You know, so I didn’t like that response, so I went on and started doing international stuff at the same time, and I’m doing it both, and it’s working great for me.”