OnlyFans model Shilpa Sethi shut down trolls who criticised her for twerking in a saree.

The content creator spent £100,000 on plastic surgery and regularly posts racy videos.

Shilpa, who has become known for her curvaceous derrière, was seen twerking in a saree.

Another clip showed the New York-based influencer in a saree and turning around to show off her backside in a black thong in the sheer material.

Despite being Indian, some criticised her for wearing the traditional garment while dancing provocatively.

OnlyFans Model hits back at Trolls over Twerking in Saree 2

But she does not let the hate affect her.

Shilpa explained: “I’ve seen a lot in my life that didn’t bother me.

“I don’t think reading these comments would make any difference in my life or my mental health. I don’t get affected by it.”

In her content, Shilpa enjoys celebrating her heritage, dubbing herself the “baddest” Indian.

But she does not call herself the “baddest” because of her beauty. Shilpa does so because it represents her independence.

She explained: “I became this way on my own without anyone’s help – no one in my life was a part of this. I take my own pictures. I don’t work with anybody most of the time.

“I wanted to give up but I never did everything needs hard work whether whatever you do in their life…

“I don’t have a family, I’m all by myself.”


She now rakes in thousands from OnlyFans.

Shilpa joined the platform as she wanted to make extra money alongside her former job as a receptionist.

Shilpa initially wanted to get into stripping but was introduced to OnlyFans after a photographer convinced her to let him create an account for her.

But according to Shilpa, he locked her out of her account and kept the earnings, prompting her to start again in 2019.

OnlyFans Model hits back at Trolls over Twerking in Saree

She said: “I was never gonna start doing OnlyFans – I was actually introduced to it.

“I simply said no because I was not comfortable doing it since I’m Indian and I’ve been conservative my whole life.”

“It was really hard in New York to find a job at that time.

“I was working at an oil-changing place where I used to clean cars so I really thought maybe I should consider going to work at a strip club.

“Then I met a photographer who asked me what I do for work and I told him I want to work at a strip club to make more money.

“This is why I’m doing a photo shoot to grow my Instagram.

“In December 2018, he convinced me to join OnlyFans because he said I wouldn’t make a lot of money at the strip clip.

“I was naive and he took advantage of me. He made an account for me and made me put in my info to generate income.

“But he put in his bank info and three weeks later and locked me out of the account. He kept what we made I learned my lesson I was depressed.”