APakistani couple’s wedding shoot has gone viral and people are finding it both “odd” and “humourous”.

Instead of a normal wedding shoot, the couple shot it in the style of an over-the-top action film.

The video showcased the couple carrying weapons and engaged in what seemed to be a crossfire.

They dodged bullets until it appeared that the groom was shot and he pretended to collapse.

Followed by him being shot by the bride, she rushed to his side and held on to him as he ‘died’.

The screen then switched to old flashbacks of their time together and proceeded to their normal wedding shoot.

In this part, they looked like any other ordinary Pakistani couple, blissful on their wedding day.

The film was shot by Uffan Turk Films and posted on their Instagram account.

It quickly caught the interest of social media users and has since then been circulating on different social platforms and websites.

However, many people labelled the video “cringe” and expressed their distaste for the couple’s choice of a wedding shoot.

One user said: “What in the cringe is this? An insult to even ‘cringe’.”

Another wrote: “What the hell did I just watch?!! Illiterates.”

One commented: “This is an extremely ridiculous shoot.”


As people didn’t know where the concept originated from, some were questioning the creator.

One asked: “Whose concept was this?”

Another queried: “Did they ask for this themselves?”

Some people didn’t hold back their remarks, mocking the creator for posting it.

One commented: “The video was very good, but you shouldn’t have uploaded it. Instead should have kept it saved somewhere.”

Another said: “Brother please post with your internet off from now on.”

One wrote: “Nice video bro. Please don’t upload next time.”

Many people thought the Pakistani couple’s video was created to gain attention.

One person remarked:

“WTH. People are desperate for clout they will do anything so embarrassing!”

Another said: “This couple is sooo over. Looking terrible.”

One said: “They look like B-grade actors from a B-grade film.”

But many netizens found the shoot entertaining and left hilarious comments.

One said: “They did this shoot keeping in mind Karachi’s situation.”

Another wrote: “Robber’s wedding.”

These comments referred to the frequent armed robberies throughout Karachi.

The couple’s intentions for doing this shoot remain unknown. However, they have indeed made it into the spotlight for now.