Anumber of Pakistani actresses received criticism for their outfits at the 2023 Lux Style Awards.

One of those under fire was Saba Qamar, who wore a cream-coloured skirt with a thigh-high slit and a sequinned bralette that was strapped at the back.

She wore an off-the-shoulder cape-style cardigan with big puffy sleeves and wore her hair in a sleek bun.

However, fans were displeased with her outfit choice and expressed their disappointment in the actress for her bold dress.

Fans took to social media to give their opinion on Saba’s fashion choice for the event.

Pakistani Stars anger Netizens with 'Bold' Outfits

One person commented: “Saba looks very uncomfortable in front of the camera which says it all.

“Do what you are comfortable in, don’t do it just to fit in.”

Another said: “Saba looks hot, but it’s hotter in hell.”

A third added: “It’s not about being Muslim or not, she genuinely does not look nice at all.”

Saba was also criticised for her behaviour on stage where she was seen interrupting singer Kaifi Khalil as he came to accept his award for Best Song of the Year for Kahani Suno.

She was deemed disrespectful and mannerless with many commenting that her interruption was unnecessary and uncalled for.

Another Pakistani star who faced flak for her outfit was Aima Baig.

She wore a backless gown that featured intricate detailing. However, Aima was called out for her visible tattoos.

One critic said:

“Look at her style and look at her tattoos. She’s a copy-paste industry.”

Ayesha Omar also faced criticism for her outfit choice at the ceremony.

She wore a blue skirt and corset-style top, covered by a mesh cape that came just above her stomach.

Her hair was gelled into slick waves whilst her makeup was kept to a minimum.

One netizen said: “She is not looking pretty at all.”

Another agreed: “As always, rubbish dressing.”

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak wore a figure-hugging yellow dress which was off the shoulder and a thin strap similar to a necklace around her neck.

She wore her hair in a slick pulled-back bun and her makeup was minimal.

Although her outfit was also deemed to revealing, it seems that fans thought she was one of the best-dressed actresses of the night.

One comment read: “You look gorgeous. I love you.”

Another said: “Love the outfit, you look fab.”