Parineet Chopraand Dibakar Banerjee collaborated for the first time with Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar. While the director had said he and Parineet were at loggerheads about her character Sandy while filming the movie, Parineeti has deemed the intense discussions as ‘creative arguments’.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Parineeti said, “We used to have these creative arguments because he would say, ‘But Sandy would do this’ and I would be like ‘no, she would not do this’ or I would say, ‘Why would she do this? She has to do this’ There were the creative arguments, it was never fighting or arguments in the cliched sense. We were both fighting for Sandy.”

The actor added, “It used to be a great high when either one of us would prove the other person wrong because that would just prove that either I know the character very well, as an actor I’ve understood it, or he’s very clear about what he’s written. We were both okay to lose those arguments because that would mean that we were getting Sandy right. So it was a very, very fruitful way of working with a director for me,” she added.