Sharif Abbas, aged 31, of London, was jailed for four years after he kidnapped and sexually assaulted an injured woman.

Southwark Crown Court heard that at around 6 am on June 16, 2019, a 19-year-old woman fell down a set of stairs as she walked from one platform to another at Bond Street Tube station.

She made her way to another platform suffering from a broken wrist and a profusely bleeding head injury that exposed her skull.

The woman then sat down.

Abbas approached the woman and offered to help her.

He put on a TfL high-vis vest and led her out of the station.

After telling her to wait for him, Abbas scouted out an empty basement of a nearby building.

He then brought her back to the basement, telling her he needed to examine her for injuries, at which point he sexually assaulted her.

Abbas unknowingly triggered a silent alarm when he entered the building.

Police attended and found Abbas standing behind the victim with his hands under her clothing and the fly of his jeans undone.