Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have made their first fashion industry investment into luxury fashion and sportswear brand, Perfect Moment.

This is the first time the couple has entered a business partnership together within the fashion industry, combining their entrepreneurial expertise and passion for skiing and the outdoors.

Having worn the brand for years, Priyanka and Nick are loyal fans of the Perfect Moment label.

The couple will play a substantial role in the brand as it expands its global footprint to enter new markets in Asia and the Middle East, and continues to grow in its biggest markets including the UK and US.

While Perfect Moment has grown from a brand created for extreme sports racers into a fashion brand, the company plans to shift focus back onto their menswear collection to create a balanced offering for its consumers.

They look forward to working with Priyanka and Nick to bring their vision to life.

Perfect Moment’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Jane Gottschalk shared: “I can’t think of a more fun, diverse, business savvy couple to help us grow the brand to the next level.

“They are admired globally not only for their talent but for their passion for life and impeccable taste.

“This combination resonates with audiences everywhere, and perfectly represents the values that Perfect Moment is known for.”