Dancer Simran Sandhu was verbally abused and attacked during a wedding in Punjab’s Ludhiana.

Police said an FIR has been filed against four guests involved in the incident, which took place on March 31, 2024.

Simran had been performing on stage when she was harassed by a group of male guests, who were said to be drunk.

One of the men has reportedly been identified as Jagroop Singh, of the Punjab Police.

Footage showed one of the men, believed to be Singh, urging Simran to dance off-stage, trying to grab her hand.

She backs off but is verbally abused by another guest.

Not one to take the man’s behaviour, Simran fired back as a security worker attempted to diffuse the situation.

Simran is ushered towards the back of the stage.

At that point, one guest continued to swear at Simran and threw a glass in her direction.

The situation escalates as Simran tries to go after the guest, forcing the security guard to drag her away from the chaotic scene.

Other performers tried to calm Simran down.

She is eventually taken away from the stage.

Another guest is seen aggressively throwing money onto the stage.

Simran Sandhu later filed a police complaint. Meanwhile, footage of the altercation quickly circulated on social media.


Jagroop Singh and three other guests were booked in connection with the incident.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Tarlochan Singh said:

“A programme was underway at Samrala’s Gill Palace on Sunday night, where there were also girls in the dance group.

“Some individuals present there misbehaved with a dancer.

“After receiving a complaint, separate cases have been registered against Jagroop and his three friends under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).”

Explaining what happened, Simran said:

“This man (Jagroop) asked me to dance off-stage. I told him that I had been asked to dance on the stage.”

“Then, a second person came and started forcing me to come down.

“During all this, another person threw a glass at me. I got hyper and confronted them.

“All of them were drunk. I am also a human being, I got p****d off, and then I abused them.”

Simran Sandhu is a professional dancer based in Ludhiana.

Specialising in Bhangra, Simran performs at various events in Punjab.

On Instagram, she has over 136,000 followers and frequently posts videos of her performances.