Raj Kundra transfers Properties worth Rs. 38cr to Shilpa Shetty

Raj Kundra has reportedly transferred ownership of properties to his wife Shilpa Shetty.

This includes several apartments as well as their Juhu home.

The properties are said to be worth Rs. 38.5 Crore (£3.8 million).

According to zapkey, Raj has transferred the entire first floor of a building containing five flats.

He also transferred ownership of the family’s Juhu sea-facing bungalow to his wife.

Reportedly, the house is approximately 5,995 square feet and the transfer was valued at an estimated Rs. 65,000 (£640) per square feet.

It is also believed that Shilpa Shetty paid Rs. 1.9 Crore (£187,000) in stamp duty for the transfer of the property.

This comes as Raj Kundra continues to face scrutiny following an alleged pornographic film case.

He was arrested for allegedly making and distributing porn films.

He is currently out on Bail while the investigation continues.

Following his release, Raj issued a statement:

“After much contemplation, considering there are many misleading and irresponsible statements and articles floating around and my silence has been misconstrued for weakness.

“I would like to start by stating that I have NEVER been involved in the production and distribution of ‘pornography’ EVER in my life.

“This whole episode has been nothing but a witch hunt.

“The matter is sub judice so I can not elucidate, but I am ready to face trial and have full faith in the judiciary, where the truth will prevail.

“The trolling, negativity and toxic public perception has been very debilitating.”

“To set the record straight, I do not hide my face in shame but wish that my privacy is not intruded anymore with this continued MEDIA TRIAL.

“My priority has always been my family, nothing else matters at this juncture.”

Raj and Shilpa recently made a public appearance, attending his sister-in-law Shamita Shetty’s birthday party.

They were pictured together, however, social media users criticised them in relation to the porn case.

She posted a video with Raj in which he was all praises for Rakhi.

He also threw shade at the rest of Bollywood for not supporting him during the investigation against him.

In the video, Raj said: “This is the only real person in Bollywood and I love her, she stood for what’s right.”