Rakul Preet Singh revealed what her parents said about her condom tester role in the film Chhatriwali.

The film, directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar, tells the story of a chemistry graduate who ends up accepting the job of a quality tester for condoms as she needs money.

She also has Doctor G in the pipeline, in which she will play a gynaecologist.

Admitting that she was initially sceptical about the Chhatriwali role, she sought her parents’ opinion who gave her the go-ahead.

Rakul said: “I just told my parents the one-liner and they said okay.”

She went on to say that she always runs scripts by her parents.

“I run every script by my parents. Not like full narration but I give them the gist. If they are okay, I am okay. My confidence stems from them.

“When I am confused, I give my scripts to my dad and tell him to take a read when he has time and what he thinks of it as an audience.”

Talking about Chhatriwali, Rakul stated that the film is still a family movie that portrays the reality of society.

She shot for the film between November and December 2021, adding: