Ranveer Singh met supermodel Bella Hadid at the Premier League Football in London on March 13, 2022.

A fan account shared a picture of Bella Hadid, Ranveer and YouTuber Chunkz posing for the camera.

In the photo, while Bella is seen making a victory sign with her hand, Ranveer is seen next to her.

In the photo, Ranveer is seen in an off-white outfit while Bella is seen wearing casual attire.

Netizens took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the “strange crossover”.

One person commented: “Sometimes it feels like Ranveer lives in some alternate universe.

“First Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, then Bella Hadid. That too at the Arsenal game.

“Strange crossover. Noice. Hope Ranveer enjoyed the 3 points as much as I did.”

Another added: “Chunkz is the number one Bollywood fan and I know him and Ranveer are besties now for sure.”

A third commented: “Never expected this collision of worlds.”