Actor Raveena Tandon was said to be former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s favourite actress back in the day. Which is why a few cheeky soldiers decided to send him some bombs as gifts with her name on it, during the Kargil War.

Every few years, pictures of the bombs go viral on social media. They show a large green bomb with the word, “From Raveena Tandon To Nawaz Sharif” written on it. The words were complemented by an arrow piercing a heart.

Years later, Raveena has spoke about the episode. Speaking to Sonal Kalra, managing editor (Entertainment & Lifestyle), Hindustan Times, at the Tension Not Twitter spaces session, Raveena adopted a refreshingly pacifist attitude towards the incident.

“I saw it much later. However, I would advise the whole world that if anything can be negotiated with love and talk, please do it. Khoon ka rang laal idhar bhi hai aur udhar bhi (People bleed on both sides of the border). No one should feel proud about any mother losing their sons or daughters… If I have to stand there [defending the border] to safeguard my country, de do mere haath mein bandook, main vahaan khadi ho jaaungi (give me a gun and I’ll stand there),” she wrote.