This prompted speculation that she was pregnant.

However, Rubina cleared the air on Twitter.

Sharing a picture of herself and Abhinav, Rubina wrote:

“Misconception about the conception… @ashukla09, next time we will have to check the building (if it has any clinics) before agreeing to go even for a work meeting.”

Rubina has now elaborated on the matter, explaining that such rumours do not bother her much.

She said: “I take it with a pinch of salt and laugh it off.

“Because of this whole incident, I got a good picture with Abhinav, and that’s all.

“And by addressing the rumours on Twitter, I got a good laugh and I am sure the readers will too. I don’t get affected by them.”

Rubina Dilaik admitted that as an actress, her life is in the public eye and there is only so much she can keep private.

She continued: “I’m absolutely aware that people are going to talk about my life and my personal equations.

“It’s my choice how I want to react to it and I chose to react with fun and admiration.

“I do not like to be grumpy on such statements as I don’t take them very intensely or personally.

“Moreover, everyone has the freedom to express and that’s fine by me.”