‘Ruthless Gangster’ who posed with AK47 jailed over Revenge Plot

Umair Zaheer, aged 34, of no fixed address, was jailed for 25 years for his involvement in sourcing guns and drug dealing. A picture of the “ruthless gangster” with an AK47 helped to bring him down.

He called himself ‘Assassin’s Creed’ on EncroChat and was involved in a plot to have a gangland rival shot.

His close ally Bilal Khan also posed with the AK47.

EncroChat messages revealed how Khan, known as ‘Legend Killer’ on the network, revelled in possessing the machine gun.

He wrote: “This ting gives me a hard-on.

“This is the daddy.

“I feel like my d*** works.

“No lie best ting I’ve seen.”

Zaheer and Khan were jailed alongside five other men for firearms and drugs offences.

Crimes uncovered included a plot to “hit back” after two men were shot in Salford, plots to purchase weapons including an AK47 and an Uzi submachine gun, as well as large scale drug dealing.