Actor Sameera Reddy on Saturday took to her Instagram page to share a picture of her family’s beach day in Goa. The selfie gave a good look at her beach look.

Sharing the picture, Sameera wrote: “In a world promoting fair skin, I’m most happy to bask in the golden sun to enhance my yummy Indian complexion. #sunnydays #weekendvibes #family #getaway Goa.” The selfie showed Sameera in a coffee and white coloured one-piece swimsuit. At the far end, we can see a man in red shorts with a baby in his arms.

A number of her well-wishers wrote in the comments section to compliment the actor. “You are really very pretty… Indeed our skin colour does not define us,” a person commented. Another person wrote in: “Absolutely.. Love dusky skin.. I wish I was also dusky.”

Sameera has championed body positivity in many of her posts. She put on a lot of weight after her two pregnancies and has struggled to deal with the change. In the process, she became the face of resistance to the craze to knock off postpartum fat via unhealthy ways.

A few days ago, she had shared a then-and-now picture of herself and spoken about how it was not healthy to keep comparing with one’s own previous self. She wrote: “Do you keep comparing yourself to what you were before? The healthiest thing you can do for your body and soul is to redefine and not get stuck on what used to be (sic).”

Sameera added, “The world will still judge but you don’t need to fall prey to that . Move forward . Don’t look back (sic).”

Concluding her powerful body positivity note she wrote, “I want to stay positive and thank my body for giving me so much support #selflove #healing #bodypositive #fitness #fitnessmotivation #realmotherhood #fitnessfriday #letsdothis (sic).”

Sameera shares two children – Hans Varde and Nyra Varde – with Akshai Varde, an entrepreneur by profession.