Sana Javed has broken her silence on her alleged unprofessional behaviour.

Allegations against her were made by a number of Pakistani models, detailing their “horrible” experience of working alongside her.

It all began when Manal Saleem put up an Instagram Story to complain about an “entitled” celebrity.

She wrote: “Requesting all clients to not ask me to shoot with any actress or celebrity ever again.

“With their self-entitled attitudes, they think we are ‘dou takay ki model’.

“The audacity to say that on my face! We also come to work, not to get disrespected for free.”

While Manal refrained from naming anyone, she gave a thumbs up to speculations about the person in question.

This prompted several other models to accuse Sana of being unprofessional and having a bad attitude when working alongside them.

The actress has now broken her silence, revealing that she has sent a legal notice to Manal, accusing her of public defamation.

Sana Javed claimed the misbehaviour allegations were “lies” in a lengthy note.