Sania Mirza ate Apples while Pregnant for ‘Fair-Skinned’ Baby

After giving birth, Sania Mirza opened up about her pregnancy and what followed, provided the pressure to return to the playing field and get back in shape.

But one detail, that Sania Mirza left out, has been revealed by her husband Shoaib Malik.

In his appearance on Nida Yasir’s sehri transmission opposite Ushna Shah, the two ended up discussing a range of topics, including the Desi obsession with fair skin.

To add to the conversation, Shoaib Malik revealed: “My mother-in-law made my wife eat a lot of apples during pregnancy because they say that by doing so, the child turns out to be fair-skinned.”

Ushna implored, “But your son is fair,” to which Shoaib Malik replied, “very fair, so I suppose it worked,” laughing it off.

But Ushna refused to let the conversation die down.

Taking the opportunity to reinstate that dark skin is beautiful and highlight the absurdity of deeming fair skin superior to every other skin type, she added:

“I think tall, dark and handsome is a great thing. My crush growing up was Kobe Bryant, who’s a Black man. So, I don’t understand this obsession.

“There are so many beautiful women in our industry who have a darker complexion.”

Nida Yasir also added that Waheed Murad, a “chocolate hero” was also gorgeous.