Shoaib Malik’s marriage to Sana Javed shocked fans and it was later revealed that he and Sania Mirza are divorced, leading to discussions about the reasons for it.

For months, there have been rumours that all was not well in Shoaib and Sania’s marriage, with cryptic posts being shared on social media.

On January 20, 2024, the Pakistani cricketer caused a shock when he announced he had married actress Sana Javed.

Following news of his third marriage, some felt sorry for Sania and wondered if the former tennis star was still with Shoaib.

Her father Imran Mirza confirmed that Sania and Shoaib are divorced and that their marriage has been over for a few months.

On X, he said: “Sania has always kept her personal life away from the public eye.

“However, today the need has arisen for her to share that Shoaib and she have been divorced for a few months now.

She wishes Shoaib well for his new journey ahead!

“At this sensitive period of her life, we would like to request all fans and well-wishers to refrain from indulging in any speculation and to respect her need for privacy.”

Curiosity over the reason for their divorce has come into the foreground and according to The Pakistan Daily, it was due to Shoaib Malik’s extramarital affairs.

Netizens claimed Shoaib and Sana were having an affair and the media report seems to have added weight to the rumours.

The report also claimed that Shoaib’s family did not attend his wedding, with his sisters upset by the fact that he was marrying for the third time.

It stated: “None of Shoaib Malik’s family members attended his third wedding with divorced actress Sana Javed.

“Malik’s sisters have expressed serious concerns over his divorce with tennis star Sania Mirza.

“It is claimed that Sania was tired of Malik’s extramarital affairs.”

The affair claims led to a November 2023 interview with Shoaib Malik resurfacing.

Host and ex-cricketer Shoaib Akhtar asked Shoaib Malik to name five attractive women from any field.

Finding it difficult to name five, Shoaib replied:

“Five? That’s five hundred!” I really like women, from all over the world, but five names I don’t think will be enough.”

He then explained that he bonds with women more naturally than with men, saying:

“Let me tell you something fun: I do better with women than with men.”

Shoaib Akhtar then gave names of women from the Pakistani showbiz industry. As he did so, Shoaib interrupted: