Individuals have requested the government to step up and take notice of a leaked video that resulted in YouTuber Aliza Sehar attempting to take her own life.

Comments were left under the clip, mainly by women where it was stated that the shocking news should be treated as a lesson in trust.

It was said that this was a stark reminder that private videos or photographs should not be shared with anyone, no matter the closeness of the relationship.

If someone asks for an intimate image or video, they need to be wary of the individual’s intent and question their request.

One comment read: “Our people are shameless and have attempted to ruin this girl’s life.”

Another said: “Trust Allah, He will forgive you for your sin.”

A third comment stated: “Your self-respect is in your hands, you are responsible for it.”

It is not known who is responsible for the video leak but it is understood that the action is a breach of trust.

The video shows Aliza speaking to someone via a video call and is then asked to reveal her body.

She lifts her top up for the caller. However, she was unaware that the video was being recorded.

After the video was leaked, it was reported that Aliza had attempted suicide and was undergoing intensive treatment in hospital.

Aliza Sehar is a popular YouTuber and TikToker who has over a million subscribers on both platforms.

Her channel Aliza Sehar Vlogs highlights a simple village life including cooking and looking after animals.

Aliza’s videos have proved to be popular and many of her fans applauded her for showing the simplicity of her life.

A video has been released on YouTube speaking of the incident and Basit Ali speaks to Jannat to ask her of her opinion regarding the matter.

Jannat said: “First of all people say that an ex-boyfriend has leaked a certain video. You tell me what is this ex-boyfriend?

“You are a Muslim, what is this relationship?

“Does your religion allow you to make intimate videos with your partner? Why do we show people our weaknesses and give in to people’s demands?

“She should be asked why she made her video. If you have so much self-respect so much why did you make such a video in the first place?”

Basit went on to say that Aliza was hard-working before asking Jannat what she thought of her attempted suicide and if it was a pre-mediated plan.

Jannat replied: “This is all a drama. Nobody tells anyone they are about to commit suicide, they just go ahead and do it.

“This is just a way of getting viral in the hope that people will side with her.”

Jannat said she believes that Aliza is responsible for making the video viral herself in an attempt to gain more recognition.

She added that Aliza was wrong for making such a video for the person on the phone.

Basit gave his opinion and highlighted that she posts pictures with questionable poses.

The pictures are then shared on all social media platforms by other people.

He called out individuals who shared the photographs and said that these people were part of the problem in the downfall of a person.

Jannat agreed and said it was a way to attract men