Sonakshi Sinha delved into her same-sex foreplay scene in Netflix’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar.

The actress has received a lot of praise for her role as the shrewd antagonist Fareedan, who is single-handedly fighting to reign over Heeramandi.

What added to her character is the fact that she is gender-fluid, something the makers hinted at rather than exploring in more detail.

Speaking about her character, Sonakshi said:

“Initially, sir (Bhansali) had told me that Fareedan is very fluid.

“At that point of time, a lot of it did happen. And in a place like Heeramandi, people were very open about it. Even Ustadji is very openly a gay man.

“Sir wanted to explore it in different ways. What Fareedan has been through in her life also has impacted her in a way.”

A bold scene featured Fareedan engaging in foreplay with one of her maids.

The scene implied an impending sexual interaction between them but Sanjay Leela Bhansali intentionally did not explore it further.

Sonakshi elaborated on the scene: “She was sold off when she was a nine-year-old girl. Maybe that’s why she absolutely hates men.

“It could be that. They’ve left it very open. They didn’t explore it any further than that one scene where she meets Choudhary saab (a nawab) and is with her maid.

“It’s just a very vast world and sir has tapped into different aspects of it in small ways.”

Not only did Heeramandi allow Sonakshi Sinha to collaborate with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the first time but also indulged the fashion student in her.

Discussing her favourite outfit from the show, Sonakshi said:

“My Tilasmi Baahein saree was my favourite outfit. I kept it.

“I told myself that I had to have it and I requested sir if I can keep it.

“The song turned out to be so special. That memory is so strong for me that I’ll remember the day of the song shoot for the rest of my life.”

Fellow actors have been praising Sonakshi but it was Rekha’s words of appreciation that have stuck with the actress.

“It was magical. I saw a screening like that after years. That was one of the biggest premieres I’ve been to in my entire career. I met so many people that day.

“But Rekha ma’am went gaga over Heeramandi and was so supportive and encouraging.”

Sonakshi Sinha went on to reveal that Rekha was “thrilled” with the show.

She added: “She told me such beautiful things that I was just awe-struck.

“I couldn’t believe my ears that Rekha ji was praising me. I’ll always remember that one conversation with her.

“She always tells my mum that she’s my ‘other mumma’. There’s a lot of love between us. We had a beautiful moment together.”