Sonya Hussyn appeared as a guest on Shan-e-Suhoor, where she shared insights into her life before fame.

Accompanied by her sisters, Sonya opened up about various aspects of her journey, offering fans a glimpse into her personal and professional life.

She also told an amusing story about suffering a wardrobe malfunction at the Hum Awards.

Nida was reading the questions that fans had asked about Sonya.

One question read: “Saree looks great on you and you wear it a lot too. Tell us, have you ever had any mishaps with a saree?”

Sonya shared a story about attending the Hum Awards in Canada, where she garnered attention for her captivating appearance.

Adorned in a stunning pink sequined saree paired with a crystal halter blouse, she captivated onlookers with her exquisite ensemble. Her look quickly went viral.

During the event, Sonya Hussyn found herself seated alongside Nauman Ijaz and other prominent stars.

She recalled: “Another actress called me and said ‘Hi Sonya!’ And I turned to say hello.

“When I turned my head, the halter top snapped from behind my neck and fell.

“I turned to Nauman Ijaz and his wife and said ‘Oh no my halter top has broken, what do I do?’

“As this happened, the hosts Yasir and Ali approached me, requesting me to sing a song.”

With all eyes on her, Sonya felt a surge of panic.

She continued: “There were multiple cameras on me, so close to my face.

“In a quick-thinking moment, I improvised by draping my saree around me and I stood up.”

Gathering her composure, she decided to sing a national song and even invited Atif Aslam, who was also present, to join her.

She ultimately salvaged the situation and avoided further embarrassment.

“I called him on stage to provide a distraction from me. It was a whole moment.”


Fans found it quite amusing as this was a story that no one knew about until now.

A user wrote: “Nothing is worse than a wardrobe malfunction. Especially at a place like that. With so many eyes and cameras on you.”

Another added: “Saree is not for the weak.”

One person commented: “No one could tell what had happened. Sonya hid it so well.”

Another said: “Hats off to her for keeping her composure!”