Sunny Leone has received flak for recreating ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’.

The original dance number was performed by Madhuri Dixit in the 1995 film Yaarana.

Similar to the original, ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya 2.0’ opens with a packed bar and revellers gathering around the stage.

Sunny is seen getting ready backstage before walking out to perform.

She then busts some sultry dance moves with a few backing dancers.



Sunny looks alluring in an embellished blouse and matching blue and silver skirt. Sunny completed her eye-catching look with a black bindi.

Throughout the song, Sunny’s appearance and dance moves captivate the audience.

The music video ended with the audience applauding Sunny’s energetic performance.

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Sunny shared a teaser for the track, writing:

“So proud to share this with the world!! It was such an honour to remake @madhuridixitnene ‘s song in such a big way.”

Performed by Neeti Mohan, ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya 2.0’ was a hit among some fans.

One person said: “Sunny Leone has come a long way! Look how beautifully she danced on this. She proved that she is still the queen of music videos.”

Another commented: “You can ignore Bollywood, but you can’t ignore Sunny Leone.

A third added: “Neeti Mohan’s vocals are perfect for the remake.”

However, many were critical of the remake, stating that Bollywood is ruining classic tracks.

One user said: “Gross… Bollywood has come down to a new level of lame.

“No originality no creativity… just ruining old classics and adding in cheap moves.”

Another wrote: “If you don’t have the capacity to make new songs then earn from old songs.”

One person asked: “Why do you need to transform all the old songs?”

Stating that Sunny Leone’s performance does not live up to Madhuri Dixit’s performance in the original, a user said:

“But Madhuri Dixit’s was something else, no one can match that level of dancing and grace.”

Sunny Leone shared a video of herself rehearsing and admitted that she is scared to film ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya 2.0’.

Sunny also said rehearsing the iconic song was not easy and that she could never match up to Madhuri.

The questionable Bollywood trend of remaking old classics continues and it is clear from the trolling that fans are not happy about this one.

Madhuri Dixit soared to success in Bollywood for her iconic dancing and hugely praised performances.

This without a doubt is going to be a major feat for Sunny Leone, who does not have the dancing experience of Madhuri.

Matching up to Madhuri Dixit in terms of dancing is a challenge in itself and dancing to this specific song is even tougher.

Therefore, when performing this song there will be a lot of intricate Indian dance moves that will not come naturally to Sunny Leone.

It’s clear from Sunny’s Instagram post her nerves are on display and intense work in getting the moves exactly right is a must for her.

Otherwise, die-hard fans of Madhuri Dixit and classics will not forgive her and the question of why this song was even remade will definitely hit social media.

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