Will anyone cast RajKummar Rao or Ayushmann Khurrana in PT Usha’s biopic, over any female actor? This is the question which model-VJ-actor-singer Sushant Divgikr asks, as he expresses his dismay about the lack of representation of transgender community in the film industry.

He says though the stories of the queer community are being explored films, it is not translating into as many opportunities for trans artistes. And his frustration stems from this disproportionate ratio. Divgikr posted a video about the same on his social media, which has garnered a lot of attention.

“I’m tired of people saying that it is okay for a cisgender person to play a transgendered role because it is not okay. Being a transgender is an identity. If men and women will play roles of a transgender person, then what will trans actors play?” he asks, adding, “People can’t go around saying that ‘we are getting progressive’, because it is selective progression.”

A staunch advocate of LGBTQIA+ rights, Divgikr asserts one is not “doing anybody a favour by introducing a trans character in the story.”