Apurva Asrani, a film editor-screenwriter, has come out in support of Priyanka Chopra after she confessed that she felt surrounded in Bollywood, forcing her to move to Hollywood. In a recent interview, Asrani  also made  some surprising claims about Sushant Singh Rajput being “snubbed at awards” and “portrayed as having mental disorders”.

Apurva Asrani recalled how Sushant Singh Rajput was gradually alienated from the profession, saying that the actor was “snubbed at awards” and “harassed right until the end”. He even claimed that despite the fact that his last film, Chhichhore, grossed a whopping Rs 100 crores, it was projected as a flop.

He further stated that Sushant   spoke rationally, yet his remarks were interpreted as if he had mental disorders. “He was harassed till the end, and the worst part is that we could not see the reality. It was staged to appear that he had lucrative contracts but had an attitude problem”, Asrani added.

Asrani went on to say that this is a vicious circle, and that Bollywood people use their relationship with the media to push their goals. The writer claimed that blind stories are published by unscrupulous writers who fabricate destructive claims. Fake stories of inappropriate behavior on set are spread.

Apurva Asrani also talked about how a campaign was staged against Priyanka despite back-to-back blockbusters like Barfi and Agneepath.

He claimed that even after giving two tremendous blockbusters in a year – Barfi and Agneepath –  the front page of a city daily had a headline declaring that no hero wanted to work with her. They were not giving her credit, therefore she could not develop as an actor and star.

Asrani’s comments came just days after Priyanka Chopra said on a podcast that she was fed up with “politics” in the Hindi film industry.