In Pakistani, a 52-year-old teacher got married to his student, aged 20.

The marriage came a week after he initially rejected her proposal.

Zoya Noor is an undergraduate student majoring in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com).

She explained that she fell in love with her teacher Sajid Ali’s personality.

The couple opened up on their relationship with YouTuber Syed Basit Ali.

Zoya said that her relationship with her teacher was entirely professional but when she proposed to him at the college, he considered it.

But Sajid ended up rejecting her due to their 32-year age gap.

According to Zoya, her teacher told her:

“There’s a massive age difference [of 32 years] between us. We can’t marry each other.”

But Sajid revealed that he had no reservations about marrying his student and asked her for a week’s time. During that time, he started to fall in love with Zoya.

Both said their relatives were against their decision to get married.

The teacher was told he was “too handsome to marry her”. Meanwhile, his student was told by her relatives that there was no looking back after falling in love.

Zoya explained that she took a liking to Sajid’s personality and style of teaching.

Sajid stated that he loves the food she cooks and the tea she makes.

The couple’s relationship has also seen an uptake in their finances.

Zoya combined the knowledge she gained from her course with her husband’s teachings to begin training for the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) programme.