Tejasswi Prakash, who recently won Bigg Boss 15 and bagged the lead role in Naagin 6, recently opened up about facing body-shaming comments for being underweight.

The actress revealed that she doesn’t get affected by these comments as she is proud of her body.

Tejasswi further commented that her family, friends and her boyfriend have never found any flaw in her.

Reacting to the negative comments, Tejasswi Prakash said:

“This body-shaming doesn’t only happen with people who are overweight.

“It happens with people who are thin. I was also receiving negative comments because I was underweight.

“In life when you become an actor and you have money, you get tempted to work on your body, many times you get suggestions that do this to your body or do that.

“Do external surgeries or corrections to look perfect.

“To be honest I feel that is an easy way out. You just spend money and get the flaws which might be on your face, body or wherever and then just maintain it.

“Not like I am judging anyone who does it but I feel it is an easier way out.”