Jacqueline Fernandez’s dance skills are always being raved about among the audience and her massive following. The actress is sure to leave the viewers mesmerized and totally captivated whenever she makes an appearance in a song performing her dance moves with ensnaring elegance.

There have been times wherein Jacqueline has absolutely grabbed the limelight and some of those include her sizzling pole dancing performances in ‘A Gentleman’ song ‘Chandralekha’ and ‘Race 3’ song ‘Heeriye’. The audience was stunned and her pole dancing skills went viral as it was all netizens were raving about!

The audience was completely awe-struck and enticed when the actress had shared a video on her Instagram account where she was seen busting out some blazing belly dancing moves on her hit number Aa Zara from Murder 2.

Jacqueline is always appreciated and admired by her followers for her marvelous dance moves! Whether it is belly dancing, pole dancing or even ballet she aces it all with her adaptability to adhere to different dance forms.

Be it Bollywood, Belly dancing, Pole dancing, Folk dance, Kathak or even Ballet, Jacqueline aces it all which is also why she was the most perfect actress to be an integral part of the launch of the recently premiered show called ‘Home Dancer’ which allowed people to participate and showcase their dance moves from their home in this period of the lockdown caused due to the pandemic.

Jacqueline fiery groovy moves are also visible in the trending hits of songs she has delivered during this year namely ‘Mere Aangne Me’ and ‘Genda Phool’. In the song, Genda Phool, the actress also gave her voice for the song which just further astounds the viewers! Jacqueline is truly multi-faceted and never fails to entice viewers with the various types of dance forms!