Bollywood, the heart of India’s entertainment industry, is known for its glitz, glamour, and larger-than-life personas.

However, the industry’s leading ladies often face the brunt of online trolling, making social media a challenging space for them.

Trolling can stem from various sources, including fans’ perceptions, personal choices, and public statements.

The persistent scrutiny these actresses endure reflects broader issues of cyberbullying and the challenges of maintaining a public persona in the digital age.

Here, we delve into the top 10 most trolled Bollywood divas and explore the reasons behind the incessant trolling.

Deepika Padukone

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 1Deepika Padukone, one of Bollywood’s most acclaimed actresses, frequently finds herself at the centre of online trolling.

From her political stance on various issues, such as her support for the JNU protests, to her mental health advocacy, Deepika’s outspoken nature often attracts polarised opinions.

Trolls also target her for her fashion choices and personal life, particularly her relationships and marriage to Ranveer Singh.

Despite her efforts to promote mental health awareness through her foundation, Live Love Laugh, she faces unwarranted criticism and personal attacks.

Her courage to speak out on important issues often makes her a target for those who disagree with her views.

Kangana Ranaut

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 2Kangana Ranaut is no stranger to controversy and has a reputation for speaking her mind.

Her outspoken nature on political issues, nepotism in Bollywood, and her public feuds with other celebrities have made her a prime target for trolls.

Kangana’s frequent Twitter spats and bold statements ensure she remains in the crosshairs of online criticism.

Her contentious remarks about other actors and strong opinions on national issues often provoke strong reactions.

Despite the trolling, Kangana remains unapologetic and continues to express her views fearlessly.

Alia Bhatt

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 3Despite her impressive filmography, Alia Bhatt has been relentlessly trolled, particularly in the wake of the nepotism debate that surged after Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death.

As a star kid, Alia represents the nepotism prevalent in Bollywood, making her a frequent target.

Memes and harsh comments often flood her social media posts, questioning her acting skills and dismissing her success as a product of her lineage.

Her involvement in high-profile projects and endorsements further fuels the nepotism narrative.

Alia’s attempts to address the criticism and prove her talent often go unnoticed amidst the online vitriol.

Ananya Panday

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 4Ananya Panday, another actress from a Bollywood family, faces similar trolling as Alia Bhatt.

Her statements about her “struggle” in the industry, which many netizens find tone-deaf, have drawn significant backlash.

Trolls often criticise her acting abilities and question her credibility, attributing her opportunities to her family background.

Ananya’s social media presence, fashion posts, and lifestyle choices are frequently scrutinised and mocked.

Despite the negativity, she continues to build her career and remains active on social media.

Sara Ali Khan

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 5Sara Ali Khan, known for her candid nature and charm, also faces the wrath of trolls.

Being the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, she is often accused of benefiting from nepotism.

Her personal life, including her relationships and fashion choices, frequently comes under harsh scrutiny from netizens.

Sara’s fitness journey and public appearances are often met with both admiration and criticism.

Despite the trolling, she maintains a positive public image and continues to connect with her fans.

Sonam Kapoor

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 6Sonam Kapoor, a fashion icon and actress, is another diva who frequently faces trolling.

Known for her outspoken views on social and political issues, she often ends up in the crosshairs of online trolls.

Her privileged background and the perception of her being out of touch with reality further fuel the trolling.

Sonam’s bold fashion choices and statements about body positivity and feminism attract both praise and backlash.

Despite the trolling, she continues to advocate for causes she believes in and maintains her status as a fashion trendsetter.

Priyanka Chopra

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 7International star Priyanka Chopra is often trolled for various reasons, including her accent, fashion choices, and personal life.

Her marriage to American singer Nick Jonas has also been a focal point for trolls, who criticise their age difference and cultural differences.

Despite her global success, Priyanka continues to be a target for online negativity.

Her efforts to bridge cultures and her philanthropic work are sometimes overshadowed by the trolling.

Nevertheless, Priyanka remains a powerful figure in both Bollywood and Hollywood, using her platform to promote diversity and inclusivity.

Disha Patani

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 8Disha Patani is frequently trolled for her bold fashion choices and fitness posts on social media.

Her relationship with actor Tiger Shroff also attracted scrutiny.

Trolls often accuse her of lacking acting skills and riding on her looks and physical appeal.

Disha’s social media presence, filled with workout videos and glamorous photos, is a constant target for negative comments.

Despite the trolling, she continues to engage with her fans and pursue her passion for fitness and acting.

Janhvi Kapoor

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 9As the daughter of the late Sridevi and filmmaker Boney Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor has faced trolling since her debut.

Critics often dismiss her acting and attribute her success to her famous lineage.

Her fashion choices and personal life are also common subjects of online trolling.

Despite the negativity, Janhvi strives to establish her own identity in the industry and take on diverse roles.

Her efforts to honour her mother’s legacy and prove her talent are often challenged by constant scrutiny.

Taapsee Pannu

Top 10 Most Trolled Bollywood Divas - 10Taapsee Pannu, known for her strong roles and outspoken nature, is often trolled for her views on social issues and her criticism of government policies.

Her strong feminist stance and comments on societal issues make her a frequent target for those who disagree with her opinions.

Despite the trolling, Taapsee continues to speak out on important issues and take on challenging roles in her films.

Her resilience and commitment to her principles inspire many, even as she navigates the challenges of online criticism.

The world of social media can be a double-edged sword for Bollywood divas.

While it provides a platform for them to connect with fans and express themselves, it also exposes them to relentless trolling and criticism.

Despite the negativity, these actresses continue to shine and make significant contributions to the industry.

Understanding the resilience of these actresses can help fans appreciate the strength it takes to stay in the limelight amid such negativity.