Trisha Krishnan, who is gearing up for the release of her upcoming Tamil film Raangi, has talked about the comparison between Vijay and Ajith Kumar.

Recently, producer Dil Raju said that Vijay is the “number one star in Tamil Nadu”.

This statement by the producer did not go well with the fans, with many stating that Ajith Kumar is the bigger star.

Reacting to his statement, Trisha said she cannot say who’s a bigger star as both of them are veterans and enjoy superstar status.

In an interview, Trisha shared her opinion on what she feels about Vijay being considered a bigger star than Ajith.

She said: “I personally don’t believe in the numbers game. It is just a tag attached to your last film.

“If your last film does well, you’re considered number 1. If you don’t have a release for a while, there’ll be someone else in that position.”

She further said that she can’t pick one between Ajith and Vijay.

“Even before I started working, they’ve been around as veterans. We watch their films as an audience. If you pick a person from the theatre, they’re watching their films for the joy of watching.

“Even though they have fan clubs, I think this numbers game is something we started

“Both are very big superstars. How can I say who’s bigger.”

Meanwhile, rumours within the industry are doing the rounds that Trisha is reuniting with Vijay after 15 years in an upcoming yet-untitled Tamil film.

When asked about being part of Ajith Kumar’s AK62, Trisha neither denied nor confirmed the news.

According to sources, AK62 is currently scheduled to start shooting in February 2023 in Mumbai.

Talking about both actors, she said: “Vijay is always peaceful and calm. I like the way he deals with life. He has found his inner peace.