Truly, a workaholic! Ekta Kapoor is gearing up to bring new content amidst this lockdown by reading new scripts!

We all know that Ekta Kapoor has played an important role in shaping the new mindset of the society through all the three platforms of content and has given narratives which is loved and appreciated by everyone. Amidst the pandemic, the content Czarina is making the most of it by not just spending time at home but is gearing up to bring more content!

Great content and consumption is just like a cake, until the ingredients aren’t right it never reaches the hearts. Just like that, workaholic Ekta is putting more hours in work by reading new scripts and ensuring her audiences get to see more content.

No doubt, the audiences are all in for a treat for some brand new concepts and also, some new content once all of this ends. Always thinking from the audiences point of view with a foresight like no other, the producer has produced some amazing content. While we are in this lockdown, the producer surely has something we all would like to see.

Ekta has always won hearts and not just once but everytime with all of the content she produces. The fact that Ekta can produce any sort of content from drama to romance to mythology in a way which keeps the audiences hooked to the screen all the time is what sets her apart.

Truly, Ekta knows how to catch the attention of her audiences and keeps them entertained throughout. The content Czarina is always going strong and is producing more and more content one after another. Her next ones being, Ek Villain 2 and next, Pagglait.