may have only been on Bigg Boss OTT for a brief time but she is constantly in the limelight, mainly because of her revealing outfits.

This led to her being asked to take on a bold acting role but she refused and according to Uorfi, producers sent goons after her.

Speaking about her revealing outfits, Uorfi said that she has been wearing such outfits since childhood.

She explained: “I’ve done this since childhood and I have been doing this for a long time.

“I like to wear something that makes me stand out. I am bold and that should be visible in my clothes as well.

“You cannot expect Cardi B to dress in salwar and saree. People dress up according to their personality.”

Uorfi has been in the acting industry since 2016 and for her, it has been a long journey.

“It was a difficult journey, it was very difficult.

“Mumbai has many problems, how have I survived, I know that.

“But without hurdles there isn’t fun in enjoying success.