AUS Pakistani man shot his wife, mother-in-law and his four-year-old daughter before taking his own life.

The four bodies were discovered in an apartment in Houston, Texas, on May 19, 2022, after the suspected gunman failed to appear for work.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez explained that the couple were “going through the divorce proceedings”.

It was reported that the husband was linked to several domestic abuse allegations including slashing his estranged wife’s tyres and trying to drown his daughter.

At a news conference, Sheriff Gonzalez said:

“Very tragic situation, especially if it involves a 4-year-old. It just breaks your heart.”

It is believed that the woman was heading out of her apartment to take her daughter to school when her estranged husband turned up and began opening fire.

He also fatally shot his mother-in-law when she tried to help the victims.

After committing the triple murder, the man took his own life.

The weapon was found next to his body.

Sheriff Gonzalez detailed the incident in a series of tweets and while the family were not identified, he said they were from a South Asian background.

He tweeted: “It appears an estranged husband showed up at his wife’s apartment this morning.

“The male shot his wife, 4-yr-old daughter and his mother-in-law, then turned the gun on himself. All four were pronounced deceased at the scene.

“A pistol has been recovered. South Asian family, husband.”

He added: “Four persons confirmed deceased inside an apartment unit. Initial observations appear to be a murder-suicide. No active threat within the complex.”

At the news conference, Sheriff Gonzalez said:

“No words to think… why take the lives of a mother-in-law, a child of all people?

“We just can’t fathom, but we see it far too often. The opportunity was at hand and he carried it out.”

The Islamic Society of Greater Houston later identified the victims as Sadia Manzoor, her daughter Khadija and Inayat Bibi.

In a statement, they said: “Please keep sister Sadia, her daughter and mother in your prayers and we ask that Allah give her father and other surviving family members patience to cope with this great loss.”

Meanwhile, the US Pakistani man has only been identified by his surname, Mohammed.

It was reported that Sabia was a teacher at an Islamic school located close to her residence. Her colleagues said they became concerned when the “usually punctual employee” did not turn up for work on May 19.