TV actress Vaishali Takkar was found dead at her home in Indore, having taken her own life.

Police discovered a suicide note which claimed that she was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend.

She had been living in Indore since 2021.

After discovering Vaishali’s body and the note, Assistant Commissioner of Police M Rahman said:

“Recovered suicide note suggests that she was stressed and was being harassed by a former boyfriend.”

A case was registered at Tejaji Nagar Police Station.

In April 2021, Vaishali got engaged to a Kenya-based dentist named Abhinandan Singh and was supposed to get married in June 2021.

But just a month after the engagement, Vaishali called off the marriage.

While her suicide note alleges harassment from an ex-boyfriend, it is unclear if she was talking about Abhinandan.

Police are working to determine who Vaishali accused of harassment.