Indian weightlifter Vikas Thakur honoured Sidhu Moose Wala after winning a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Thakur took part in the men’s 96kg event.

In the Snatch category, he lifted 149kg swiftly. His second attempt saw him lift 153kg. Thakur improved even more by lifting a massive 155kg in his third attempt.

In the Clean and Jerk category, Thakur successfully lifted 191kg.

His total of 346kg was enough for him to finish second and win the silver medal.

But his celebration attracted a lot of attention as he paid tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala by doing a ‘thigh-five’.

Speaking about the celebration, Thakur said:

“The Punjabi ‘thapi’ (thigh-five) was a tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala.”

The rapper was shot dead on May 29, 2022, and Vikas Thakur admitted that he was so devastated, that he did not eat for two days.

He said: “I did not eat for two days (after his death).”