Mia Khalifa amasses much of her fortune from OnlyFans, posting racy pictures on the platform. But what does she earn?

She first came into the spotlight in 2014 as an adult film star and in just two months, she became the most-viewed performer.

Mia’s career caused controversy, receiving death threats online and her parents publicly disowning her.

She eventually quit the industry, however, it has been a much-discussed topic.

Mia claimed that she had only been in the porn industry for three months and earned only $12,000. She also distanced herself from the industry, something she has been criticised for by other adult film actresses.

She still remains one of the most popular stars on Pornhub.

Since quitting porn, Mia Khalifa has become a social media influencer and one of her most popular platforms is OnlyFans.

She frequently posts photos of herself wearing barely anything but clarified that she will not post any nude content.

The platform allows creators to offer pay-to-access content to fans of their work.

It is often associated with sex work but creators can upload all sorts of content, ranging from things like custom classes on how to use Photoshop to one-on-one personal conversations behind a paywall.

OnlyFans has become extremely popular among celebrities, with fans paying to see exclusive glimpses of their favourite stars.

It is no surprise that some people are making millions from OnlyFans.